Pain is kept to a minimum by the use of a topical anaesthetic cream, which is applied for all dermal filler treatments. Additionally the dermal filler has lidocaine within the syringe.

This winning combination of topical and local anaesthetic allows treatments to be bearable and most cases patients’ are left pleasantly surprised at how little it hurts.

We allow plenty of time for treatments and support our patients’ throughout, by using a range of methods that help patients’ feel calm and relaxed.

We also offer lidocaine injections (dental block) for lip filler treatments. These injections are similar to those you would have for dental treatment, which fully numb the lips and surrounding tissues making lip filler treatment pain free. There is an additional cost for this of £20 which can be added to your lip filler treatment.  

Please note topical anaesthetic cream is not used for anti-wrinkle treatment as it is generally not required, due to the fact that injections are very superficial and quick.

Topical anaesthetic cream can be used upon request. Please do not apply your own topical anaesthetic.